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Teerapon Hosanga

The work of Teerapon Hosanga focuses on paradox in events and objects of everyday life. He believes that human creates and destroys simultaneously and focuses on adding new aesthetic values to familiar objects of life in order to illustrate these paradoxes. Thereby, the original purposes and values of objects are disintegrated and replaced by the paradox. His series ‘White and Blue Helmets’ demonstrate how he creates new meanings and values by incorporating the fragility and preciousness of white and blue ceramic porcelain into the helmets, opening a debate about both our fragility and the true reality of how we are supposed to be protected in the world in which we live today. This contradiction between the original meaning and function of the helmets that are created to be strong, protective, and flexible and the reality of the protection they provide is a metaphor of the world we are building for our children to live in.