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Julien Colombier

French artist Julien Colombier’s (b. 1972) hypnotic paintings of tropical jungles and lush rainforests scale canvases, walls and even entire stores from Diptique to Cartier and Chanel, who commissioned him to customize their boutiques. A self-taught painter, Colombier renders his works in acrylic and oil paint, drawing on diverse influences from the worlds of graffiti, urban culture, and graphic design to Japanese art, Matisse and Keith Haring. His artistic universe is at once dreamlike, whimsical and disturbing, composed of repeated geometric and vegetal motifs that play with the limits of figuration and decoration. These mesmerizing works represent a world without man—existing either before or after his disappearance—and are strongly influenced by biblical references such as the apocalypse, the flood, apparitions, divine lights, hell and paradise.

Colombier currently lives and works in Paris.

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