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Teerapon Hosanga’s (b. 1980) works cast light on the paradoxes inherent in the events and objects of everyday life—the ultimate being that man creates and destroys simultaneously. The artist reveals these contradictions by ascribing new aesthetic values to familiar objects we encounter daily. In doing so, the original purposes and values of these objects are rendered void and replaced by the paradox.


In his White and Blue Helmets series, Teerapon incorporates the fragility and preciousness of white and blue ceramic porcelain into motorcycle helmets, thereby conferring this protective gear with new meanings and values.  The series opens a debate about our fragility and the extent to which we are supposed to be protected in the world in which we live today. The jarring contrast between the helmets that are intended to be strong, protective, and flexible and the reality of the limited shield and security they provide is a metaphor of the world we are building for our children to live in.

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