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Natara Rungwong.jpg

Natara Rungwong (b. 1991) can often be found at work at the top of a ladder, cocooned inside one of his large-scale sculptures. Using industrial materials, the artist weaves repetitive patterns to construct organic forms inspired by ephemeral natural phenomena such as clouds and cobwebs. His work is a meditation on both the impermanence and infiniteness of such forms that mysteriously disappear then regenerate without any intervention.


Through his sculptures, Natara freezes these natural forms to explore the secret behind their ability to reconstruct themselves perfectly. Whether vegetal, animal or mineral, they have attained an eternalness that eludes man-made creations, which are not protected by the same restorative ability. Natara invites us to reflect on the strength hidden within the apparent fragility of these natural elements, and man’s inability to produce any such materials that autonomously regenerate like DNA. As humans, we are forced to constantly reconstitute and rebuild what we have invented. This question lies at the centre of Natara’s work, and is the foundation of its philosophical and poetic dimension.


Natara studied painting and sculpture at Silpakorn University in Bangkok.

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