Ahnnlee Lee.jpg

Korean artist Lee Ahnnlee (b. 1985) exposes the profound meanings underlying oft-overlooked moments in life. His works are inspired by the smallest events and sights we encounter every day, be it the lost wing of a butterfly on the edge of a window, a bird with a missing beak springing up as it awakens from a dream, or the blossoming of a flower.  Lee believes that each of these minute occurrences embodies the entire universe. This philosophy brings a feeling of universality to each of his creations.


Lee’s series reads like a diary-like narrative, where small and big works sit side by side, each presenting a unique view of our shared destiny. In each work, the memory of what was offers us a glimpse into what will be. Collectively, these little insights present an overarching vision of the world and of our human condition, whether we are confined to a room, a neighborhood or a planet.


A graduate of the esteemed École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, Lee’s visual interpretation of the human condition has attracted the attention of collectors and museums worldwide. In addition to annual solo exhibitions in leading galleries in Seoul, his work has been displayed in the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art and Seogbuk Creation Center. Most recently, Lee was named one of the 111 power artists of the 2020 decade by Korean magazine ART IN CULTURE.