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Foremost we wish to share our passion for art with our costumers, we believe in the emotional value that each work embodies and its undeniable financial return.Our clients for the most part are invested with a mission of liability and conservation of this heritage both individually and collectively. RUSSO YUBERO will be your caring partner in this mission.


RUSSO YUBERO provides works of art investment advice services that can be fully integrated into the platforms of private banking/wealth management.


RUSSO YUBERO has the privilege of working with demanding private collectors whose interests range from ancient to contemporary art.
Our services are personalized, listening and attention given to each of our customers, whatever their budget. We will make of each request a priority, bringing the most appropriate solutions to each scenario. We guarantee
tailor-made solutions for all our customers, whether young collectors or experts, to help develop investment strategies, profitability, and to target and exceed their collection and investment targets.



RUSSO YUBERO offers expertise in estate planning for family offices. We quite understand the complexity of these types of situations and have the required knowledge, the necessary confidentiality, when structures must be put in place and decisions related to art are faced.

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The decision to create a business collection is taken for various reasons, not only does it enrich the corporate culture, but it has a dramatic effect on the perception of the company by stakeholders.We offer high quality and bespoke solutions for institutional and private clients, museums, companies, private banks and family offices.

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RUSSO YUBERO works closely with the curators of museums and private foundations to expand their collections. For such institutions, we offer a specific service which includes the acquisition and divestment of partial or entire collections for public and private museums, as well as donations to museums.

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