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Pawarisorn Wasinbut.jpg

Pawarisorn Wasinbut (b. 1977) blends comic, pop and street art, creating dynamic paintings with the punk energy of his second passion—music.  The flamboyant colours he uses are reminiscent of those in flashy advertising campaigns, ironically positioning these works as a product of the very consumerist contemporary culture that they critique.


Populated with his own crew of characters and heroes, Pawarisorn’s paintings can be seen as visual fables of the absurd times we live in. They draw on the imagery of our collective subconscious and of our failures, depicting stories of spaceships, AIDS, rock and roll, drugs, money, and repression. While Pawarisorn approaches these dominant themes of 21st-century life with humour and lightness, the works are in fact a scathing criticism of the extreme consumerism, waste, and devastation ravaging our world today.


Pawarisorn studied Fine Arts at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

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