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French artist Nicolas Bamert (b.1987) is better known to many by the name of his alter-ego-L’Original. A representative of the madcap universe that Bamert shares through his works, it was L’Original who convinced him to follow his need to create and make the leap into the art world after several years in the engineering industry.


While the L’Original world is a place for Bamert to express his personal fears, struggles and hopes, it also reflects a utopian ideal. “I am an unconventional artist who comes from the street and world of graffiti. So I have created my own movement: Positive art,” says Bamert.  His joyous multi-coloured installations transform and uplift dreary rooms with bold patterns from hearts to bananas and clouds. Entering the L’Original world, viewers are invited to explore the six tenets or “continents” upon which it is built: duality, originality, gravity, identity, vitality and reality.

Bamert works between Lausanne and Berlin, and has exhibited widely, invading daily lives around the world with colour, love and childish recklessness.

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