Napanant Rangsrithammakhun (b. 1994) is inspired by the complex interactions in human society and the discrepancies between the face we show the world, and the unmasked one that lies behind it. His paintings highlight the labyrinth of emotions, feelings, and untold thoughts which are hidden from view by our “visible” face. In this way, Napanant leads us to question the very meaning of truth in relation to human behaviour and interactions, and the Asian concept of “face”. He places the viewer in the position of the character in the work by simultaneously showing us the “visible” face being composed for others, and the real feelings boiling up in the inner self. The decomposition and contortion of these portraits emphasise this contradiction and the impossibility of ever expressing the complete truth in human society and relationships.


Napanant graduated from Rajamangala University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Art at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Despite his young age, Napanant has achieved wide spread recognition with awards including the 3rd prize in the 19th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Contest, and the 1st prize in the 8th Asia Plus Painting Exhibition, “Universal Scenery”.