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Lee Ahnnlee

Born in 1985, Korean artist Lee Ahnnlee studied art in Beaux-Arts National Academy in Paris and has been driven from the very beginning by the profound meaning of our daily life experiences. Inspired by the smallest events and sights that are offered to us on a daily basis, whether it is the lost wing of a butterfly on the edge of a window, a bird with a missing beak springing up from an awaken dream, or the growth of a flower, in his universe each of these small occurrences is embodying the entire universe. This is what gives a feeling of universality to each of his creations. In this diary like narrative, small and big works are cohabitating giving each a specific view of our common destiny. Then, through a mechanism of transmutation, the memory of what was becomes the vision of what will be. The accumulation of these little signs of destiny finally offers a global view of the world, and of our human condition, whether we are confined to a room, a neighborhood or a planet. 

This unique translation of the human condition has attracted the attention of collectors worldwide as well as of museums. In addition to solo exhibitions every year in reputed galleries in Seoul, his work has been featured in Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art and Seogbuk Creation Center. 

He has just been chosen by the reference Korean magazine ART IN CULTURE as one of the 111 power artists of the 2020 decade.