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The market is a complex and unregulated market, in which even the most informed buyers need wise and specific advice to avoid pitfalls which may prove expensive, such as inadequate estimates, counterfeit or suspicious provenance. For all these reasons, our offer includes the following services:


Representation at auctions, or to houses such as Christie's, Sotheby's or more modest houses. We will also represent you at private and direct agreement sales, option sales agreement.

Typographie Graffiti


Support and guidance at every step of the purchase and sale of works of art and this in all sectors of the market (antiques, Chinese archeology, old masters, impressionist art, modern, post-war and contemporary and photography). In addition, our experience guarantees you exclusive access to works of art from private collections which are not available on the market. We will assist you in every step to ensure you the best trading conditions, we will ensure that due diligence is sufficient to reduce the potential risks to a minimum.



RUSSO YUBERO verifies that the purchase is made from the legal owner. If the work has been lawfully exported from its country of origin, if the work is subject to doubt, if the work is the description of the seller, if it is false or has been much restored. Finally, the precise control of the source. Our network includes a number of experts and curators of international renown. We check every catalog raisonné, each result and analyze the investment potential of each work.



The inventory and estimate of your works and objects of art in the context of insurance contracts, the steps to take when moving or estate, shipping and customs formalities including storage, insurance , taxes, assessments, conservation and restoration, framing, cataloging among other measures. Managing your collections and the establishment of a database, cataloging, photographing works of art, their restoration and hanging by a qualified interior designer who will be responsible for the development and its lighting. Our advice also extend to issues of storage, packaging, transport.

We offer high quality and bespoke solutions for institutional and private clients, museums, companies, private banks and ``family offices.``

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If you need an assessment of your works of art, whether it is an individual work or an entire collection, you need to value for insurance reasons, family division or payment of inheritance. We also evaluate the potential investment in a period of 4 to 6 years. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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